Thursday, May 13, 2010

#5 Fulton Riders & Bicyclists To Get Direct Access to Market Street from McAllister

#5 Fulton: one of NOPA's primary transit lines. Flickr Photo by Mike LaHood/SF Public Press

Amid the dire service cuts to all Muni lines and the threat of worsening conditions for the city's transit riders, there's at least one glimmer of positive news for Muni patrons who use the #5 Fulton bus. As first reported by Streetsblog, an MTA proposal to convert the two-and-a-half blocks of McAllister Street from Hyde to Market from one-way to two-way for transit, bicyclists, and deliveries was recommended for approval during an April 30 public hearing. If the change is accepted by the full MTA board as expected in June, the #5 and cyclists will no longer need to shuffle and shift through the Civic Center to reach Market. Private vehicles, however, will be prohibited from using the eastbound traffic lane on the these blocks. The traffic engineers' plan for McAllister was cleared for final MTA consideration at the same public hearing that also moved the Fell/Arco proposal to the board.

NOPA residents who use the #5 or the McAllister bike route to get downtown should find their rides a bit quicker. The news may be especially welcome to cyclists who prefer McAllister's gentler grade over Golden Gate Avenue's steep slalom ride from Broderick to Van Ness and then to Market.

Readers note: The most comprehensive and thoughtful coverage of everything related to the operations and current fiscal crisis at SFMTA with all the impacts on transit users can be found at sf.streetsblog. The year-old news blog has changed the Bay Area's understanding and discussion of transportation and livability concerns.


  1. hooray! This is great news for bikers and for bus riders! When will this change be made, do you think?

    This will *dramatically* speed up the 5.

    From a biker perspective, I think McAllister is a much safer route than Golden Gate and Turk, which are traffic heavy.

  2. shanan: The MTA Board must approve the proposal in June as the next step. Will post hearing date once it is determined.

  3. hey Mike,

    I noticed that MTA just strung up trolleybus wires on McAllister from Hyde to Market to support 2 way bus traffic. They started cutting some curbs at Jones and Market too.

    The question is: any word on when two way bus and bike traffic will be officially implemented?