Monday, May 24, 2010

Bicyclist/Motorist Crash Sunday at Fulton and Arguello Streets

A bicyclist and motorist crashed Sunday afternoon at Arguello and Fulton Streets, according to a cyclist who stopped at the scene shortly after the collision. The cyclist, believed to be a man, was already in an ambulance when Matthew Brill arrived at the intersection. There were two police cars and a fire truck also at the site. The cyclist's bike was placed on the fire truck. Brill relayed to BIKE NOPA what else he observed and heard in an email this afternoon.

"The accident was around 2:45 PM. There were two cars involved, but only one appeared to have hit the cyclist, based upon conversation I overheard of the two involved motorists. The vehicle was a small to medium-sized sport utility. I did not see much visual damage on the vehicle."

Although Brill did not see the collision, he suspects -- based on the placement of the vehicles -- that the motorist who hit the cyclist was driving south on Arguello and turning left on Fulton. Brill notes that motorists likely do not expect any "vehicles" to be exiting Golden Gate Park onto Arguello since the barriers were up and blocking vehicle access during the Sunday closure of the park to traffic. He also notes that cyclists often fly through the intersection, coming out of the park, when they have the green light and the right-of-way to proceed north on Arguello. "I am thinking this intersection might need some signage to alert motorists of oncoming traffic, especially on Sunday Street closure days," Brill added.

BIKE NOPA is seeking more information about the collision and the condition of the cyclist from SFPD and will provide an update as soon as possible.

11 pm update: The cyclist was released from the hospital "banged up but alive" in his words.


  1. My friends arrived at my house on Arguello at exactly the time the accident happened. One of them saw the bike flying through the air. When we headed south on Arguello and made a right on Fulton, we could see the bicyclist (surrounded by onlookers) in the fetal position in the crosswalk. We hope he is ok, and are looking for an update on his condition.

  2. Thanks, ALS. Please do let us know if you learn more. Still no word from SFPD.

  3. 11pm Update: Ellyn Parker noted on Facebook that she spoke with the cyclist this morning at a NOPA cafe...he reported he was "banged up but....alive." Very good news there.