Thursday, May 20, 2010

Devastated Muni Stop Replaced at Hayes & Baker

Road-rage motorist destroyed Muni stop at Hayes & Baker. Photo: Tom O'Connell

New structure now in place. Photo: Michael Helquist

A motorist overcome with self-indulgent, destructive road rage wiped out a Muni bus stop at Hayes and Baker the end of last month. More importantly, he seriously injured a visitor to San Francisco who was waiting for the 21 Hayes to arrive. Muni cleared the smashed structure, the city swept the glass from the sidewalk and street, and today a new stop is in place. Almost as if nothing had happened. But the real physical and psychological pain, the slow-healing, the life-disruption and the expense for the injured tourist continue out of our view.


  1. I had hoped that an outcome of this tragedy would have been a new transit shelter like the one on the northeast corner of Grove & Van Ness. Alas, the contractor whom I spoke with said that it would be about a year before Clear Channel brings a shelter of the new design to this location.

  2. Is anyone aware of what is going on with the person who did this. Are the police and prosecutors taking any action?

  3. The driver was located and arrested. He's facing several charges.