Saturday, May 8, 2010

San Francisco's First Green Bike Lane Now on Market Street

Green bike lane: savor the color, appreciate the enhanced safety

This morning painters gave San Francisco its first green bike lane, beating out the one proposed for Fell between Scott and Divisadero by several months. A race like this -- to be first with the green -- is one NOPA don't mind losing.* The broad expanse of green has been added to the existing bike lane between Gough and 12th Street. That block also features soft-hit posts and double white stripes to separate the traffic lane from the bike lane. The double-white lines, the posts and now the green lane are all meant to enhance the safety for bicyclists on Market and to cue motorists to stay within the traffic lane.

Thanks to Dan Nguyen-Tan for his early morning eye-on-the-street report. He said the two crew members he spoke with were very excited about the project. They indicated another block would be painted green today but did not specify which one.

*Bike advocates expected that the improvements proposed for Fell Street between Scott and Divisadero would include the city's first green bike lane. That green segment is unlikely to appear before June of this year. San Francisco already installed its first green bike box.

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