Sunday, May 16, 2010

NOPA Greets Bay to Breakers Sprinters

An unusual sight: Fell Street open for fun and partying

The first men to reach NOPA

Kids waiting for their contingent along Fell Street

Maid races AND cleans

Minute men or uh briefed men?

Coffee-toting NOPA neighbors gathered along Fell Street at 8 am Sunday morning to cheer the first Bay to Breakers runners. Before the contestants appeared, several residents commented on the unique opportunity to see Fell Street clear of traffic. Within minutes the first two women sped past and continued along the Panhandle, followed by the first two men.

At the start of the race, mostly earnest runners packed the front with little trace of a costume. After another fifteen minutes, however, a few Supermen and Wonder Women along with men in their white underwear and women in their pink Baby Dolls matched the pace. A group of early teens cheered when "the first naked man" ambled along.

Within an hour the party crowds grouped together, six packs replacing the coffee mugs. The annual "especially-in-San Francisco" festivities were underway.

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  1. oooh nice photos michael, it'd be so great if we had fell street close and man in shape wondering the street every sunday morning. good morning NOPA :D