Thursday, May 6, 2010

Force of Road Rage Crash in NOPA: Photos

Hayes Street bus stop obliterated by road rager who sent pedestrian to hospital. Photo: Tom O'Connell

Hayes and Baker, SW corner, Wednesday evening, April 28th Photo: Tom O'Connell

BIKE NOPA reader Tom O'Connell sent these photos in from the scene of the terrible road rage incident in NOPA that seriously injured a woman waiting at the Muni stop at Hayes and Baker Streets Wednesday 28th. He reports, "I came upon the scene right after the cops arrived and took photos. These show the force of the collision ... totally obliterated the bus stop."

For more details of the crash, see previous post here.


  1. mistakenly deleted comment from steve who inquired about driver's residency status. A loaded question perhaps; I don't know the residency, I didn't ask SFPD. Other factors seemed more important and relevant.

  2. It would be great if a regular visitor to this blog (an attorney perhaps?) would take an interest in this case and follow it through the system and post reports each step of the way so that we all know how it turns out for the victim and what consequences the perpetrator experiences. (The display of interest might also ensure that the prosecutor and court take the matter seriously.)