Saturday, May 8, 2010

Saturday Surprise: Green Bike Lanes on Market Street

Green paint still drying on Market Street this afternoon

From Gough to 8th Street on both sides of Market Street

Working OT and a very long day but these guys are excited about this job

New green bike lanes attract the best people; here, Bryan Goebel, editor of SF Streetsblog

Since posting the story on the new green bike lanes on Market Street this morning, I had to get out there and see them for myself. By mid-afternoon the paint crews were still on the job painting blocks or half-blocks at a time. And they will keep at it until both sides of Market go green from Gough to the west and 8th to the east.

Painting the city's first green bike lanes today was a well-kept secret. Most advocates were focused on the potential "first green" honor going to Fell Street between Scott and Divisadero as part of the MTA's proposal for the traffic tangle at the Arco gas station. But Market Street is where the city's most important trials are underway in an attempt to make city streets safer and more suitable to various uses.

Rather than a weekend analysis of what the new green lanes signify, we're going to sit back and enjoy the introduction of what so many people have worked so hard to get implemented.

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  1. I love it! I can't wait until they're all green. The safer people feel biking in the city, the more people will be out biking in the city!