Saturday, May 8, 2010

Murals of NOPA: Divisadero Destination

Divisadero, a bit out of this world at McAllister

Before the street makeover, the artist envisioned something better

Four-eyed bananas? Six-eyed pineapples? Only on Divisadero

Sometimes greater livability requires a frothy dose of whimsy. Or perhaps this artist envisioned something for Divisadero that no one else has considered. I have friends who worked for a revitalized Divisadero corridor fifteen years ago. They either failed in their efforts or planted very slow-to-sprout seeds. And now look: Divisadero the destination.

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  1. always makes me smile - love this mural!!
    it's like the gates of the nopalands :D

  2. Me too. Thank you Shenandoah. Wherever you are