Monday, April 5, 2010

"There's A Giant Hole in the Street": SF Bike Coalition Launches "Turn 'Em In" Campaign

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The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition believes cyclists are buzzed about too many cool events this year to tolerate bikeways that are pitted, cracked, bumpy and dangerous. Sunday Streets, new bike lanes, bike corrals, parklets, bike sharrows, protected lanes on Market Street -- it's all happening or expected in a few months. No one wants nasty potholes to ruin the fun, so today SFBC launched a month-long campaign to challenge all 11,500 of its members to "Turn 'Em In."

In today's announcement, SFBC urged cyclists to "be their own hero of the bike lane":

"Is there a pothole you pass every day on your bike ride in to work? Do you dodge a rough spot in the road every trip to the grocery store? The time is now to pull over, get out your phone, and call 311 to report that hazard using the "SFBC" tag."

To inspire all cyclists, SFBC partnered with Family Style artists Jonas Madden-Connor and Francois Vigneault "to show just how easy it is for you to get the smooth ride you deserve." Every Tuesday morning a new installation will appear on the SFBC Good Roads Campaign website and several other sites (including BIKE NOPA). Be sure to check back to find out: "What will happen to our bicycling heroine? Will the hero be able to save her bike lane?"

Email Neal at SFBC if you have any questions, and join the superhero action by reporting the hazards to 311 now. Don't forget to say that "SFBC" sent you!

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