Friday, April 23, 2010

Murals of NOPA: Making Our Streets More Livable

Have you noticed this detail?

Exotic flora of Grove Street

For a block that has become a NOPA destination

Second in a Series

What makes a block or a neighborhood more livable? Certainly one element is an environment that encourages people to be outside and mix with each other. Sometimes an event makes that happen, like a block party, a neighborhood bike ride, or a farmers' market. But other influences act more as backdrops that more subtly stimulate or calm us, that motivate or refresh our days.

The rich and vibrant mural on the Grove Street exterior of Plant'It Earth does all that for me. I use the Grove Street bike lane nearly every day and look forward to seeing it both on grey, foggy mornings and crisp, sunny afternoons. I like how this block was pleasant enough but not exceptional for so many years, and now it sparkles as one of NOPA's most livable spaces, especially on Sundays with the market but even on the quieter weekdays. A special nod of appreciation to Jet Martinez for this exuberant mural.

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