Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Molten Lava for Potholes? SF Bike Coalition Has A Better Way

Third in a series.

Right at the entry to Golden Gate Park on JFK Drive

Crosswalk between Panhandle tip and north side of Fell

Punch through to the earth's core with superhero powers and fill that nasty pothole with molten lava? Usually the street defects that bicyclists encounter aren't THAT big. But they do need to be reported to 311 to get the proper fix. Most importantly, when you report that pothole and get it repaired, there's one less hazard for cyclists who follow you. You can do it on the spot: stop, check location, call 311, tell the operator you're reporting for the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition and give the location.

I Turned One In. Actually two on a ride to the de Young museum in Golden Gate Park. First there was the badly cracked and worn crosswalk from the tip of the Panhandle to north side of Fell Street. This one isn't the most damaged crosswalk in town, but it needs attention. Then at the start of JFK Drive along the island and at the edge of the bike lane is a familiar hole-in-the-ground. SFBC's Good Roads volunteers reported this hazard last year at this time, trying to get it fixed before hundreds of Sunday Streets riders had to dodge it. As sometimes happens, the hole became a mound, only marginally better. This year the mound is still there along with a new hole, and they're both a hazard.

Help get San Francisco streets ready for Bike to Work Day on May 13th. Turn 'Em In. To see the previous installments of SFBC's Turn 'Em In campaign see the SFBC Good Roads site or check here.

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