Monday, April 19, 2010

Citations Mount for Fell/Masonic Motorists: SFPD Keeps Pressure on Red Light Running and Crosswalk Intrusions

Common occurrence: motorist entering and blocking crosswalk at Panhandle Path

Oak and Masonic: faded crosswalk striping and motorists turning too fast

SFPD Park Station officers cited another 16 motorists for running red lights, making illegal left turns on Masonic from Fell, and intruding into crosswalks during the first two weeks of April. Captain Teresa Barrett explained that the number was down somewhat since the heavy rains on several days curtailed pedestrian stings.

Since the middle of February of this year, more than eighty motorists have been cited at Fell and Masonic. The intersection has become a flash point for pedestrian and bicyclist safety advocates due to heavy traffic on the two corridors. Earlier this year Capt. Barret initiated a Task Force to conduct pedestrian stings to discourage motorists from pushing into crosswalks being used by pedestrians or cyclists. Motorists also continue to make left turns against the light at the intersection.

Although the multiple-use Panhandle Path crossing sees more traffic violations, the other end of the block presents safety hazards as well. One BIKE NOPA reader reports that he and his daughter were nearly hit by a motorist who came within three feet of them while they were in the crosswalk on April 9th at about one p.m. The motorist "was moving at a speed where she could not see what was in the intersection when she made her left turn onto Masonic from Oak. She made an 'oh my God' face and waved 'Sorry' before speeding off to make the light at Fell."

Captain Barrett agreed that drivers turn too fast from Oak onto Masonic. "Any changes that slow drivers down at that intersection would be beneficial." Compounding the problem at Oak are the mostly faded crosswalk stripes.

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