Tuesday, April 13, 2010

She Knows Danger When She Sees It: SFBC's "Turn 'Em In" Saga Surges

Last week's heroic entry

She knows her street hazards!

San Francisco bicyclists know what to do when they see nasty, dangerous potholes, cracks, and trenches in the bikeways: TURN 'EM IN . Call 311, tell the operator the hole is a hazard for cyclists, and that you're reporting it as part of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition's campaign. Provide an address or intersection where the defect is located. It's as simple as that. One call and you can make city streets safer for yourself and everyone else.

For the month of April, SFBC is encouraging all members and all other cyclists to Turn Em 'In as part of a springtime campaign for safer cycling. Everyone is getting in on the action. The SFBC staff and board have committed to reporting potholes on their daily commutes, the Good Roads monthly riders are doing their part, Streetsblog is buzzed about the campaign, and 311 ops are busy taking the calls.

This morning I turned another one in. Actually there were three holes with chunks of pavement missing on Golden Gate Avenue just east of Divisadero. The grand slalom ride down the hill from Broderick isn't my usual route -- the more moderate McAllister grade works just fine for me, thanks* -- but I know several cyclists who swoosh all the way to Franklin with the momentum they get from this slope.

Decide today to stop dodging the same potholes. Turn 'Em In. Call 311.

* Cyclists take care: Today there's a wide utility trench across McAllister at Divisadero. A big wide cut in that recently laid smooth asphalt expanse. This isn't supposed to happen, and we've contacted DPW about it. 2pm Update: DPW Public Affairs advised that the trench is a corrective measure that the department required of the contractor. It's unfortunate, but it happens. The trench will be repaved tomorrow.

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