Sunday, April 4, 2010

Friend of NOPA Launches New Web Site: YBIKE for Youth & Family Biking

NOPA neighbor and YBIKE staffer Rose Johnson consults with new cyclist

Lots of kids on bikes during NOPA's BIKE THE BLOCK party last year

Boosting street smarts at YBIKE safety rodeo

Last year North Panhandle neighbors and friends cheered the kids' "bike safety rodeo" that anchored our first BIKE THE BLOCK celebration. The great team at the Presidio Community YMCA Bicycle Program readily agreed to join our bike-themed block party, set up the operation, and worked with parents to introduce kids to biking or strengthen their street skills. And they made it fun for everyone who joined in or watched. Now these dedicated experts at the Y have launched a new website.

The one-stop site describes all the youth and family biking opportunities sponsored by the Presidio Y. Take your pick from a huge selection of upcoming bike rodeos, bike to school programs, family recreation rides (including cool family moonlight spins), and BikeSmart bike mechanic classes.

Want to introduce or encourage your kids (or kids: your parents!) to family biking? You're in good hands with YBIKE; consider what they hold dear:

"We believe...
  • Every child and adult deserves to feel safe riding their bicycle anywhere anytime in San Francisco
  • No child in San Francisco should go without a bike if they want one
  • The streets of San Francisco are neighborhood gathering places that are not complete and on not build strong communities until they belong at least as much to strolling families and biking kids as to our cars and trucks
  • Riding a bicycle is a joyous, conscientious, sustainable act that benefits our fragile environment, the city, the community, and you
  • A world in which a majority of San Francisco's citizens walk or ride their bikes to work or school is a safer, stronger, healthier world -- and such a world is possible in our lifetimes"
The YBIKE Program thrives on a dynamic collaboration with the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition; together they provide neighborhoods across the city with everything to make biking healthy, safe, and exciting for youth and families. NOPA will certainly welcome back the YBIKE team when Sunday Streets comes to the neighborhood on September 19th. Get ready for the fun and check out YBIKE.

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