Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Uppity Bike Commuters Strike Again, This Time at Fell and Masonic

L. Frank Baum visits Fell and Masonic crosswalk

Uppity Bike Commuters likely deal with this all the time at Fell & Masonic

We haven't seen Uppity Bike Commuter work since last August when the underground UBCers slammed a building exterior on Hayes Street with these anti-war, pro-bike posters. They didn't last long; the posters were removed and so was the billboard. With the rising tide of concern for the safety of pedestrians and bicyclists using the crosswalk at Fell and Masonic, UBC has re-appeared with its take on the situation.

Taped to the signal box on the east side of Masonic near the Panhandle Path, we found this latest UBC poster entitled "BEWARE THE WHEELERS." In case you're a bit rusty remembering other works of writer L. Frank Baum, the excerpt is from Ozma of Oz:


"That's rather strange," declared the hen, when Dorothy had read aloud the words. "What do you suppose the Wheelers are?"

"Folks that wheel, I guess. They must have wheelbarrows, or baby-cabs or handcarts," said Dorothy.

"Perhaps they're automobiles," suggested the yellow hen. "There is no need to beware the baby-cabs or handcarts; but automobiles are dangerous things. Several of my friends have been run over by them."

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