Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Bike Thief on Foot, A Cyclist, and an SFPD Captain: One Good Crime-Fighting Day

The Bicycle thief Ladri di biciclette by lwtclearningcommons.

How's this for collaboration between bicyclists and SFPD? Captain Teresa Barrett of Park Station described for BIKE NOPA a "great arrest" that she had last week at Page and Masonic. Here's how it went down:

"A bike rider who works at a downtown bike shop was following a suspect who stole two bikes earlier in the week. The suspect was on foot and the witness on his cell phone on his bike, broadcasting the suspect's location."

"I was able to arrest the suspect with Lt. Frost from the night watch. He confessed to stealing two bikes....the bikes were worth over $2500 each."

"A good crime-fighting day and great job on the part of the biker."

Park Station shines.

In addition to snagging a bike thief, district officers cited another 13 motorists for running the red light at Fell and Masonic. The special pedestrian sting Task Force would have been at the intersection too if a demonstration in town hadn't pulled them off regular duty.


  1. Any leads on what bikes were confiscated from the thief? I had a red KHS Flite 500 stolen in front of the Mint Bar on Friday, March 19. Please let me know if you see the bike or have any leads. It had two u-locks on it.

    Zach Erbe

  2. Zach: I'm not sure if the bikes were stolen from the shop or not. You might call Park Station at 415-242-3000 and mention the particular incident in which the captain was involved and ask for more info. Also give them your bike specs.

  3. Now there's a story you don't hear everyday. I feel extremely lucky to have Captain Barrett in charge of my neighborhood. Nice work... Thank you, Captain Barrett.