Wednesday, March 24, 2010

JFK Drive Paving: On to the Tulip Garden

Roadbed ground, milled and swept all the way to the Great Highway

Buds and blooms and bike at Queen Whilhemina Tulip Garden

Riding the ribbon of fabric, ready for asphalt

Somebody really likes the work of the Esquivel construction crew (not my tag)

The tulips in the Queen Wilhemina garden are ready for their close-up as the repaving of JFK Drive in Golden Gate Park gets closer to them with a new surface makeover. Today the Esquivel Construction crew will fill in new asphalt as far as Bernice Rodgers Way with their sights on the stretch along the tulips and a sprint to the Great Highway itself. Workers said they were determined to reach the highway by Friday night.

On Monday the long segment from near the Bison Paddocks to the highway was ground, milled, and swept. That was the hard work, according to one of the construction crew, the paving is the easy part. All that will remain after today is to lay treated fabric that acts as a sealant over the roadway and then to fill in with the fresh asphalt and compact it. When I asked one of the crew about the impact of possible rain on Thursday, he shrugged and said, "If it rains Thursday, we'll be out here Friday." Well, maybe. Ideally the fabric needs a dry surface or it will trap too much moisture underneath the layer of asphalt. But the crew manager was clear about the objective, "We want to get this job done!"

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  1. gotta say we rode from OB to the end of the panhandle, and this is SMOOOOOOOOTH

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