Monday, March 22, 2010

JFK Drive: Smooth to the Bison Paddocks

Phase one ended here at 30th Avenue and then the rains came

The fabric over the roadbed: surface had to dry before this could be laid out

Fabric overlay, now ready for the asphalt

Fabric down on the right; asphalt being spread on the left

One big long-awaited operation

Bicyclists drawn to Golden Gate Park over the weekend found a long-awaited development: smooth spinning on JFK Drive from Transverse Drive all the way to the Bison paddocks. With the run of dry, sunny days the city has recently enjoyed, the repaving of the prime roadway through the park got underway last week. By Friday, the old asphalt had been scraped away and crews laid treated fabric to seal the surface and help prevent future cracks. Right afterwards, fresh asphalt was delivered, spread, and smoothed over one long stretch to where the buffaloes sometimes roam.

With good weather forecast for the next few days, the new surface will be extended even further west. According to the work crews who took a quick break to talk with BIKE NOPA on Friday, repaving will begin Wednesday of this week. There's now a very good possibility that the job will be completed by April 2nd -- just in time for the start of the six-month long Healthy Saturdays in the park with partial closure of JFK Drive to vehicle traffic. Plan now to take a long, vastly safer and smoother ride from the Panhandle to the Great Highway on your own, with friends, and with the thousands of San Franciscans on the next Sunday Streets on April 11th.

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