Monday, March 15, 2010

SFPD Cites Eleven More Motorists at Fell/Masonic

Does an hour go by without something like this at Fell and Masonic?

Motorists who run red lights, make illegal left turns, and fail to yield to pedestrians and bicyclists in crosswalks at Fell and Masonic face increasing odds of getting ticketed. The first week of March SFPD Park Station officers issued another eleven citations to drivers at the intersection. In mid-February of this year, Captain Teresa Barrett of Park Station authorized motor officers and a special Task Force to increase surveillance of Fell and Masonic. The Task Force focuses on "pedestrian stings" -- plain clothes officers posing as pedestrians using the crosswalk -- to target drivers who push into crosswalks and threaten the safe passage of walkers and bicyclists.

In the last four weeks Park Station has ticketed 32 motorists* for running red lights, turning left on Masonic against a red light, or failing to yield the crosswalks. In its start-up phase the increased surveillance occurs at targeted hours. The total number, 33 citations, hardly matches the 123 issued by Ingleside Station in one day of pedestrian stings last June as reported in SF Weekly, but Barrett of Park Station told BIKE NOPA that she was committed to continuing the increased surveillance at the troubled intersection. She also noted that she also witnesses the problems: "Last Thursday I was out at Fell and Masonic and watched one of the motor officers nab a red light runner."

* One bicyclist was ticketed for running a red light during the surveillance.

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  1. Yesterday I saw a driver in a pickup truck NOT running the red to turn left on Masonic, and the driver behind him was honking at him to go!