Saturday, March 13, 2010

Park Stewards Widen Panhandle Path, Increase Space to Share

Reclaimed entry space at Central Avenue

Doug Diboll shoveling back attractive bed that covered too much of the path

Jignesh Desai: heavy lifting

Dale Danley (l), Larkin Street Services youth, and Panhandle gardener (front, right)

The path must be shared even with these?

The newly-formed Panhandle Park Stewards cleared mud and weeds from the Panhandle Path on Saturday as part of the group's monthly workday. Their efforts widened the popular park route by two feet in several sections. The all-volunteer crew worked mostly in the two-block stretch between Masonic Avenue and Lyon Street; that area alone required the efforts of four neighbors over a two-hour period. The group also cleared the Central Avenue and Lyon Street entries to the Park on the north side. Several neighbors have recently requested that the Recreation and Parks Department improve its maintenance of the Central Avenue entry, especially since department vehicles frequently leave deep muddy ruts there.

The Panhandle Park Stewards joined with volunteers from Larkin Street Services and Asian American Recovery Services. NOPA neighbors Doug Diboll and Jignesh Desai joined me and stewards' leader, Dale Danley for the sunny morning in the park. We had the chance for quick breaks with NOPNA President Jarie Bolander in his gorilla feet running gear and neighbor Marc Caswell strolling along without his bike.

To learn more about today's workday and the future plans for the Panhandle, check out Panhandle Park Stewards blog.

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