Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Divisadero Deserves Better Than This

Eyesore along revitalized Divisadero corridor

With all the city-wide buzz about the much-improved Divisadero corridor and its smooth pavement, roadside enhancements, Sunday Farmers' Market, and new parklet, the ragtag, graffiti- marred billboard that looms over the Grove Street intersection seems a throwback to a less-well-cared for thoroughfare.

The problem billboard has been reported to Clear Channel Outdoor Advertising, both to the company's corporate headquarters and its Oakland office. A representative of the company told BIKE NOPA that she thought someone would take a look at the situation within the next two days. How about a pro-bono display advertising the Farmers' Market or the Divisadero Art Walks or the upcoming Sunday Streets through the neighborhood?


  1. Blogger is resisting a post from "rickly" so here it is:

    "I'd love to get my hands on that space!" NOPA art"

  2. what a great (and missed) opportunity to help promote our local neighborhood.

  3. * sfgreenfilmfest and matthew: how about a request to Clear Channel for some community access to the billboard, on a trial basis with a "community investment" on their part.

  4. This Billboard has never blended with our colorful neighborhood. I'd like to see an open request to artists to commandeer this billboard and turn it into a compelling canvas.

  5. I don't see Clear Channel allowing this. If they don't take care of this our community will take care of it ourselves.