Friday, December 11, 2009

JFK Drive West: First, the New Curb Cuts

Transverse and JFK Drive

Safer Pedestrian Improvements

How many previous repairs can you count?

What we won't miss

With unidentified "issues" evidently resolved, construction work on John F. Kennedy Drive from Transverse to the Great Highway has really, finally begun. While a contract was granted the first of November with a 60 day work order, not much on-the-street happened until the last several days. But now several curb cuts at intersections and and other stops along the drive are being installed. The road surface repaving can only begin once the curbs are set.

All along Rick Thall, Project Manager for Recreation and Parks Department, has assured us that the full mill-and-fill operation (removing the old pavement and applying new asphalt) for this long stretch of JFK Drive would require about ten days. With a December 31st deadline looming, we remain cautiously hopeful that the New Year will bring an astoundingly smoother and safer ride through the west end of the city's premier park.


  1. Let's hope - while we still have fillings left in our teeth!

  2. A bird in hand is worth two in the bush................

  3. Took a ride down JFK. No visible progress on this project since the first post, except a smattering of curb construction activity down by the old stables. Despite the alleged Dec. 31st deadline, we are still several months away from new pavement.