Tuesday, December 1, 2009

First New Bike Lane in 3+ Years

Let's let the photos tell most of the story here. Just a few notes: This morning the new Scott Street bike lane was installed between Fell and Oak. Wiggle Bike Route travelers can push off from the about-to-be-painted-green bike box on Scott at Oak and continue north right up the center of the block in the striped bike lane.

Some adjustments and re-orientations will be required of cyclists and motorists. Cyclists can turn left from Scott onto Fell from the new bike lane, but motorists can only turn left onto Fell from the traffic lane. The previous left turn lane for motorists no longer exists. Motorists need to take a wide turn and wait their turn for the southbound Scott traffic to pass.

No parking spots were removed in this new bike lane installation. In fact, two new spaces were added. OK, one is so tiny that only a Smart Car or motorcycle could fit but no spaces were removed.

Thanks to the great work of the MTA/DPT paint crews; this team was led by Charlie Ruaro. When I spoke with Charlie early this morning when the crew was just getting started, it was so cool to hear him talk about how excited THEY were to be installing this first bike lane. "We're like the Marines, in a way," Charlie said, "We're establishing a bit of a beach head for new bike lanes in the city." After the lane was striped, Charlie congratulated all the bicyclists.

Perhaps no other bike lane striping has enjoyed such an audience as dozens of bicyclists turned out to cheer and celebrate. Champagne corks popped after the white stripe went down. SF Bike Coalition staff, members, and friends whooped. (And cookies were offered to all of the DPT crew for their fine work).

Parties tonight: NOPA BIKE Mingle: 5:30 pm at On the Corner Cafe, Oak @ Divisadero; meet and mingle and then we'll all head to the BIG PARTY: SFBC Celebrates FIRST Bike Lane in More than Three Years at Duboce Park Cafe, Duboce & Sanchez, 5pm to 8pm.

(Press conference Thursday, tentatively at 1pm, at the Scott Street bike box with Mayor Gavin Newsom).

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