Thursday, December 10, 2009

Seen While Biking: Bold On Message

Good to support the San Francisco Conservation Corps, and bold advertising often pushes the message. But gun images in NOPA on Muni shelters a block or two from two homicides involving guns? What do you think?

The SFCC's Opportunity Campaign blurb:

"We know the power of opportunity. For over 26 years, we’ve seen it empower the lives of low-income young adults, enhance their communities, and improve the environment. But what happens to those who don’t have the opportunity? That’s the question we pose to the city of San Francisco in our latest ad campaign.

We want to remind people of SFCC’s vital role. During the past 26 years, the SFCC has engaged the lives of nearly 5,000 young adults who have contributed more than 4,120,000 hours of community service improving San Francisco’s neighborhoods. For many of our young adults, SFCC is a crucial chance for success."

For this NOPA resident, I wish the SFCC's Opportunity Campaign greeted me on the sidewalk and street with this visual instead (copied from their website):

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