Wednesday, December 30, 2009

SF Chronicle Notes NOPA Bright Spot

John King wrote about the new school building across the street;
I like the old building too as a complement.

These beat the city's new inverted U bike locks any day.

The neighborhood's color spot, Pacific Primary School, has gained another admirer: John King, the San Francisco Chronicle's architecture critic. In his column "Cityscape" -- "a weekly look at a distinct slice of San Francisco" -- King hailed the school at Grove and Baker Streets as "Bright and Bold, Fun to Behold." He noted the color cubes "overlap with a depth that plays off the rhythm of the nearby Victorians."

King also touted the playfulness of the building including the new bicycle racks, previously reported here. But another comment in the brief piece caught my eye. King remarked that the light-hearted touch of color and form was especially welcome "in a neighborhood that can be grim." Too many Victorian and Edwardian buildings in NOPA? Not enough diversity in architecture? In response to our inquiry, King explained in a follow-up email that he was referring to the "occasional problems with crime" in the neighborhood. Fair enough and accurate too. NOPNA implements a vigorous neighborhood watch program to deter problems and to increase livability.

At the same time, we enjoy the attention to our bright spot.

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