Thursday, December 31, 2009

BIKE NOPA Visitors: Thanks to All 31,300 of You

NOPA's first BIKE THE BLOCK party

Wiggle your way to NOPA

An end-of-the-year THANK YOU to all BIKE NOPA visitors. We appreciate your interest and curiosity and hope to engage you even more in the New Year. Since a bit of a wonky start in late June, BIKE NOPA posts have appeared almost every day with a focus on bicycling and livability in the North Panhandle neighborhood and sometimes beyond.

The blog received an unexpected huge boost in August when wise or whimsical Blogger reps selected BIKE NOPA as a "Blog of the Day." Suddenly global hits registered: 22,000 unique visitors in that one month. What's NOPA's worldwide appeal? Once the days of fame passed, BIKE NOPA's numbers settled into something a bit more realistic. From September through December this year, the monthly averages*:
  • 3300 page loads
  • 2250 unique visitors
  • 663 returning visitors
And the daily averages over those four months:
  • 74 unique visitors
  • 52 returning visitors
  • with spikes of 150-250 visitors 1-3 times a week
What to expect in 2010? BIKE NOPA will continue to present everything related to bicycling within, to, and from the North Panhandle and as much on walking our sidewalks and using our public spaces in new and diverse ways as time permits.

A few upcoming posts:
  • The annual Bicycle Buddhist Pilgrimage organized by a NOPA neighbor
  • "How We Talk About How We Travel"
  • "Pedestrians First: Keep It Simple, Make It Absolute"
  • "Is Masonic Fixed Yet?"
  • "Keeping NOPA Together: One Cup of Tea or Coffee at a Time"
See you in 2010!

* For those who know about these things much better than me, yes, these numbers are qualified by visitors with or without cookies enabled, etc.

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