Monday, September 7, 2009

Next Sunday Streets in 2010; Perhaps We Won't Wait

A real San Francisco day: fog and sun, depending where you went. Warm but foggy along the coast for the Great Highway car-free experience and sunny and warm at the east end of JFK Drive for car-free park strolls. Today was the last Sunday Streets of 2009 with a promise, by the Mayor, of more to come next summer.

Perhaps we won't wait till 2010. There's a buzz about San Franciscans using public space differently. The Divisadero Art Walk organizers imagine taking the Walk into the street next time out. The city is transforming four blocks around town into mini-parks. Neighbors are planning different uses for streets, and permeable sidewalks seem to be multiplying. Change is in the foggy, warm, sometimes sunny air.


  1. Just passing by to say hi!
    I like these photos.
    It is Warm and foggy here, as well.

  2. Our "summer" weather is just beginning here, Betty; although we've had a few hot days earlier. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. 'Twas great to see you and Dale at the beach yesterday! I came back via Speedway Meadow because the pavement on outer JFK was so bad. Didn't see hide nor hare of your electric bicycle friend...went all the way around the concourse, for naught.

  4. Electric bikes soon to appear in NOPA for block party!