Sunday, September 13, 2009

Change in NOPA: September Update

BIKE NOPA covered a lot of biking and livability territory in July and August. Let's see where things stand with some of the previous posts:

NOPA Play Blocks were a conjecture back in early July. One small step for play blocks: Sunday, Sept. 27 BIKE THE BLOCK opens Grove Street between Lyon and Baker from 10 am to 1pm. Playing in the street not limited to kids.

NOPA green businessman and bicyclist, J.P. Collins is on a roll. Following his profile here, JP now appears in the current issue of momentum, the magazine for self-propelled people. JP, a graphic designer, illustrated the article which delves into how much he and his wife Lizbit Bailey continue to "green their lifestyle."

CPMC Davies Bike Parking: The engineering department of Davies responded to requests from medical center users and is about to install new bike racks. The outdated and unused section of bike parking has now been removed. Expect new racks for ten more bicycles within three weeks.

The Dying Turk Street Trees: DPW's Bureau of Urban Forestry responded to our post, and a representative stated that an arborist was dealing with the problem of the contractor planting the trees without a plan to water them. The recent cuts in DPW's landscaping and tree care staff makes the problem more challenging, but the need remains.

NOPA's Grafitti Watch: Doug Diboll continues monitoring much of the neighborhood for tagging and trash. His job -- and OUR job -- becomes more important as the city tries to keep pace with grafitti control, which is a major drain on the DPW budget. Report tagging to 311, cover the tags using methods outlined by DPW, and help keep the streets and sidewalks clean.

Those freeway-style standards intended for digital traffic management messages: still hulking from the sidewalks, but find out what SFgo reps have to say about these "traffic calming" installments on Oak and Fell streets at the next NOPNA meeting: Thursday, Sept. 17, Poleng Lounge, 1751 Fulton near Masonic, 7pm meet and greet, 7:30 pm meeting. Say hello to the Alamo Square neighbors who will be joining us for this issue of mutual concern.

We have a very fond spot for Beth Byrne, the graphic designer who gave BIKE NOPA window signs their distinct look. Then she went even further and designed the BIKE THE BLOCK party poster gratis and her company picked up the tab for copies. Beth has many fans, including the already mentioned magazine momentum which wisely profiles her as "The Lunch Hour Bike Advocate" in its current issue. Beth lavishes much of her free time on bike improvements in the city as part of her volunteering with the SF Bicycle Coalition.

No matter how much we welcomed new NOPA resident and SF Bike Coalition staffer, Marc Caswell, to the neighborhood, he still must face the afternoon headwinds on the uphill climb of McAllister Street at the end of the day. Sorry, Marc, some things don't change.

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