Sunday, September 6, 2009

Corner Make-Over Set to Improve NOPA Livability

When does a fully re-developed lot improve NOPA livability? Certainly when the property sits at a prominent corner, when it's been vacant and untended for many months, and when three families can take advantage of NOPA's central location and easy transit in the new residences proposed.

The demolition and construction at 2000 McAllister, at the NW corner of Central, has yet to begin, but with even minimally attractive exteriors and landscaping, this corner will likely enjoy a new vitality with the planned three-family, four-story complex to be built.

What the neighborhood loses -- already lost due to the defunct business -- is the corner laundromat that operated here for at least the last dozen years. Neighbors who once relied on this location now have to use other laundromats a few blocks away. NOPNA does its best to support small businesses in the area, and no one wants to see any of them depart. But, this one already has.

Illegal trash dumping and grafitti have plagued this corner for years. As NOPA's resident grafitti guard, Doug Diboll, notes, taggers love big, wide spaces, and the laundry's windows and long expanse of fence along Central offer a huge canvass. Hopefully not for much longer. Neighbors should also expect to see new street trees (required for new construction) to fill in the cracked sidewalk cuts

Construction notes and hearing process. This lot is zoned for RH-3/40x development and fits the neighborhood residential uses and building heights. Neighbors with concerns about the demolition and construction should contact the Planning Department before September 24, 2009. Contact: David Lindsay, 415 558 6393.

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  1. Thanks for posting on this. Any word on whether we'll have to wait for the building to be demolished before the graffiti goes away?