Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Blessing for Our Bicycling Times

A celebration, an invocation, a moment for those interested to reflect on our neighborhood diversity, commitment to more livable communities, and love of bicycling. Will Scott, Associate Pastor of St.Cyprian's Episcopal Church, and Rev. Dr. Sue Singer of the Divinity School of the Pacific joined the bike festivities at NOPA's BIKE THE BLOCK party this last Sunday to share these thoughts:

"Blessing of the Bicycle"

Present in a world groaning under the excesses of consumption, we acknowledge the inherent goodness of non-motorized human-powered transportation and give thanks for the simple beauty of the bicycle.

Hear our prayers and hopes.

Present in a community filled with children, we pray for those learning to ride. Keep them smart, safe, and visible on their neighborhood roads.

Hear our prayers and hopes.

Present in a community filled with strife, we pray for the victims of road rage and bike theft. And we ask for the strength to forgive mean people.

Hear our prayers and hopes.

Present in a world of work, we pray for those who build, repair, and clean our bikes an dthose who rely on bicycles to earn their living. Bless those who choose to not drive to work and those for whom driving isn't even an option.

Hear our prayers and hopes.

Present in a community of beautiful diversity, we ask your protection and blessing on all who ride: pedi-cabbies, weekend warriors, athletes, homeless folks, students, children, eco-warriors, bike co-op anarchists, messengers, and all the others who take to the San Francisco streets, bike paths, parks, and mountains. Keep us safe as we ride.

Hear our prayers and hopes.

Prayer by Nadia Bolz-Weber, adapted by and for the people of NOPA, and shared by St. Cyprian's Episcopal Church located at Turk and Lyon Streets. For more info: . Thanks to Bill Rivers for the video recording.

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