Friday, September 11, 2009

Baker Street Beat Claims NOPA Niche

Move over Divisadero Corridor, Baker Street Beat is claiming its own niche in NOPA. While Divisadero's makeover begins next week with hopes for a revitalized public space, a quieter transformation promises to re-define the neighborhood just two blocks west.

Baker Street, from Fulton to McAllister, will soon become even more of a nexus for great neighborhood dining and community gatherings. We regret that Cafe Neon has closed its doors even as we welcome a bigger, better Green Chile Kitchen in its space. GCK will leave its original location at Fulton and Baker to move up the block to McAllister. Owner Trevor Logan has wanted to offer sopapillas at his New Mexican hotspot ever since he opened GCK. With the new space and its full kitchen and fryer, sopapillas will be a featured item.

The buzz in NOPA suggests a new coffee outlet will replace the just-closed One World Cafe at Baker and McAllister. With that addition and GCK set to re-open across the street, the four corners will be solidly anchored as a destination crossroads, the geographical center of NOPA and, some say, the center of San Francisco as well.

For those not so familiar with our NOPA streets, the pics here show the four corners. Northwest: the venerable McBaker Market, Southwest: the site for the new Green Chile Kitchen, Southeast: the rumored new fine coffee outlet, and Northeast: the just-established Workshop and Nooworks for urban apparel and accessories.

What's a lively neighborhood without an ice creamery, one that brings customers waiting in line? Although Trevor Logan's hands are a bit full right now with GCK II, he's thinking the former restaurant site might be just right for good, attention-getting ice cream.

San Franciscans love great food and interesting shops, especially if they're within walking distance. Getting to the destination can be as interesting as arriving when the time is shared with friends and neighbors along the way.

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