Monday, August 17, 2009

Seen While Biking: Crane In to Get Crane Out

Cranes have to help each other out, with a little assitance from human operators. On Saturday the largest crane seen in NOPA for years anchored itself down with massive blocks to pluck the working crane from the innards of the 3 story construction site at Golden Gate and Broderick streets. Traffic slowed for several hours while the one crane positioned itself and then dramatically lifted the folded, no-longer-needed-on-the-job crane to a waiting base. Visions of preying mantis and folded chryssalis came to mind.

The new development is the Zygmunt Arendt House, a 47 unit building designed to accomodate formerly homeless seniors. The Community Housing Partnership: Solutions to Homelessness teamed up with the Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation to complete the project. Begun in late 2008, the Arendt House is expected to begin operations in early 2010.

A February 16, 2009 article in the Business Times by writer J.K. Dineen, described the affordable housing project further:

"The project is called Zygmunt Arendt House and is being named after a World War II refugee who left $6 million to the City and County of San Francisco. His will specified that 60 percent of his estate be used for the poor and needy and 40 percent for the neediest seniors. Some of that money paid for the land at 850 Broderick.

"When completed Zygmunt Arendt House will provide 47 studio apartments, each with a full bathroom and kitchenette. Five of the apartments will be fully accessible to persons with disabilities. The building will include a welcoming lobby; an outdoor courtyard garden and landscaped roof deck; a community room with a kitchen and dining areas; onsite laundry facilities; as well as offices for property management and social services."

This site was formerly home to Florence Crittenton Services, one of San Francisco's oldest social service agencies, that specialized in services for struggling families and unwed teen mothers.

In advance, welcome to NOPA, Arendt House!


  1. Hey Mike,

    I'll be visiting San Francisco in January with my boyfriend and his mom. (She lived there the first few years of her life.) We are only spending the weekend, so what is the number one thing (preferrably for free) that you would recommend we see/do/eat???

  2. I was involved in the plenary community input to the design of this building. The Tenderloin Housing Corporation was very accommodating to the needs of it's NOPA neighbors.

  3. Hi Marissa, sorry for the delay in comment. That's a tough question. If this is a first visit then you'll likely want to see some of the more famous sights (find on any online tourist site)but consider also seeing the city's neighborhoods to get a better feel of San Francisco. Possibilities: Valencia Street and Clement Street. But check for indoor activities too considering its January.