Monday, August 10, 2009

Seen While Biking: War and Oil and Bikes

A comment to yesterday's post from booye in Iran set up the stark contrast between 1000s of San Franciscans' fun through the park and along the ocean yesterday:

"Here in Iran we have better ideas to have fun. For example, Wednesday we are preparing to protest in BAZAR (central market of Iran). They kick us, arrest us, kill us ... coming back home, you are (not) sure whether they have identified you or not. In home, you are waiting for a call asking you to introduce yourself to jail, to be raped by them...this is our great fun."

San Franciscans recently rallied to protest the injustice in Iran that erupted around the recent elections there. Yet booye's account reminds us of the pursuit of justice in the face of the worst consequences that so many people undertake.

The "Uppity Bike Commuters" who plastered a NOPA billboard (at Divisadero and Hayes) push their own take on wars and struggles in the Middle East, but "uppity" pales in comparison to life-and-death protests in Iran.


  1. "Here in Iran we have better ideas to have fun..." - Ok, never tell me your idea of extreme fun :P

  2. That poster's great, but yeah, it's sad to consider the differences between our warm, fuzzy party protests here and the life-and-death reality of sticking up for what you believe in in other countries. Must be like what the wild west was here in years past, except now they have automatic weapons, IED's and worse.

    Anywhoo...I posted the poster pic and a link to your site on

    Check us out sometime!

    Happy trails,

    Tyler (Editor)

  3. Thanks, Tyler, for the post and link! Hope I come across other items that might fit your site and will be checking yours for the same.

  4. i am not politically inclined but i guess we can help but talk about it sometimes...

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