Thursday, August 6, 2009

Kids Bike to School, Sometimes with Parent Pedal Power

Sometimes I like being proven wrong. A few posts back I remarked on the lack of kids-on-bikes on our NOPA streets. Then yesterday I stopped by Pacific Primary school and chatted with three parents gearing up to ride bikes home with their kids. The furthest destination: the Excelsior, a long haul that includes San Jose Avenue, Valencia, and the Wiggle. The worst blocks for this duo? the few Wiggle blocks on Fell (between Scott and Baker). Seems like a green-painted bike lane to increase safety for kids biking -- and all the rest of us -- would be just the thing.


  1. interesting solutions!! can you buy them (do you know if it's possible through internet?) or are they self made? nice blog!
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  2. bike trailers with additions for kid travel are available through some bike stores and online; could also get them custom made. search: bike trailer, kids on bikes, etc.

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