Friday, August 7, 2009

Panhandle Path and its Poor Relative

I appreciate our own Panhandle Path even more after an afternoon in the chill mist bumping along the O'Shaughnessey Bike Path. The O'Shaughnessey suffers from much-delayed maintenance with wide cracks in the asphalt sporting all sorts of weeds, buckling pavement from tree roots, piles of debris from the towering eucalyptus trees, and signage that must be hiding if it's there at all. SF Bike Coalition member Bert Hill points out that even the start of the path at the southeast end is not at all clear.

The SF Bike Coalition's Good Roads crew undertakes a "pothole ride" the first
Saturday of every month to locate and report street defects to the city for rapid repair. Our August 1st route took us from Noe Valley into the Mission and then circling Glen Park Village before heading to West Portal by way of Bosworth and O'Shaughnessey (and via Monterey/Santa Clara for the second team). We'll report especially bad segments of the O'Sha path to 311, but the route needs a full re-surfacing rather than simple fixes for cracks and potholes. (Any cyclist can join the Good Roads team for our monthly rides: we're a group of 5-10 who get together Sat mornings for two hours and have drinks and lunch after. Newcomers always welcome).
Any San Franciscan can report potholes (and please do!). Call 311 with an address, preferably, or the street and cross street. Report online as well (the system has several frames to get through the report, but be patient and think of the good you're doing!).


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