Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Oil Spill vs Oil Consumption: BP on the Street in NOPA

Black, thick, toxic spills are showing up all over San Francisco streets, and now they've appeared in the North Panhandle as images and posters. The one featured here is plastered to the Central Avenue exterior of the abandoned laundromat at McAllister. The text includes a website, "bpcares.co.uk". Not much chance this is an official BP corporate site. Instead, Tony Hayward takes credit for the visuals that link excessive oil consumption with inevitable oil spills. Other messages shown posted around town include: "Drill Spill Rinse Repeat," "If You Buy It, We Will Drill It," "Start Helping, Stop Buying," and "It's a Crude, Crude Summer."


  1. I found one wheat pasted to a post office relay box at Golden Gate and Baker this morning. My question is do these anarchists walk or pedal around with their pots of wheat paste and rolled up posters or do they drive?

  2. Anarchists? They might be ordinary folks concerned about an environmental disaster. Their means of transpor? I think it's safe to assume they're not driving.

  3. Whether the wheat pasted posters are posted on private property, like the vacant laundromat, or public property, like a post office relay box, it is still illegal. I think that most of the citizens of our neighborhood are quite aware of how devastating the gulf oil spill is to the environment. Is it really necessary to drive the point home with this type of vandalism?

    The basic concern and message should be executed with the permission of the property owner. Would you want someone to post a poster on your house without your permission?