Monday, June 28, 2010

Fell Street Tow Away Signs Posted before Arco/Divisadero

Fell Street, southside, before Divisadero and Arco station, new 7 to 7 No Parking

Parking restricted to allow queue for motorists seeking Arco gas

From Arco entry on Fell to Divis: no stopping ANYTIME

San Francisco's heavy summer mist, fog, rain splatters -- all of them -- prevented striping of the bike lane and marking the queue space for motorists along Fell Street. Sunday's and today's fine weather is now really expected to permit SFMTA's full installation of the hoped-for safety improvements on Fell early this week.

There's one more sign that I missed during my photo stop: Tow Away Zone round-the-clock for the two to three former parking spaces between the Arco entry and exit. Clearing these spaces creates much greater visibility for all road and sidewalk/crosswalk users approaching Divisadero.


  1. There's also a sign directing motorists to not block the sidewalk....ARCO would never agree to do this in the past, now MTA has. Keep it clear. Pedestrians first.

  2. What's the procedure for a motorist exiting the gas station? I forsee conflict coming.

    If they exit the station into a "left turn only lane", then they legally CAN NOT cross into the bike lane to gain access to westbound Fell. This I assume it is the same as not being able to change lanes once the line turns from dashed to solid.