Sunday, June 6, 2010

New NOPNA Logo "Captures the Essence of the Neighborhood"

Leela Gill knows the North Panhandle neighborhood. Within the 30 square blocks that the neighborhood association, NOPNA, considers its boundaries, Gill has made a home for the last two decades, one that she shares with her husband, Charles Higgins, and her two sons, Trevor and Parker. When NOPNA President, Jarie Bolander, urged the organization to get a new logo, Gill had a good idea for what might represent her neighborhood. "Being able to ride a bike anywhere, walk anywhere, and be in a beautiful green park area represent aspects of our hood that people appreciate. We are lucky to live in the heart of a dynamic city with such an eclectic environment and this logo captures this essence in many ways."

The new logo presents an active neighborhood with residents eager to be outdoors walking and biking and being together. Geographical references include a green path for the Panhandle and the "block" NOPNA font that suggest the 30 square blocks -- from Fell to Turk and Divisadero to Masonic -- that define the neighborhood. Gill also likes the yellow font "because it is bright, friendly, and welcoming -- these are characteristics we hope people feel when they are in our neighborhood."

Nearby neighbor Gus Hernandez* submitted the winning design. He told BIKE NOPA that he wanted the image to reflect the strong identification the neighborhood has with its location, primarily Panhandle Park. His other recent work includes an illustration used for the header of the Alamo Square Neighborhood Association's website. He collaborated on that project with his partner, Sam, who designed, directed, and implemented most of the site.

Jarie Bolander is eager for NOPNA to use the new logo for all of its marketing materials. "Gus' logo captures the essence of the NOPNA neighboorhood because it blends all the elements that make NOPNA unique." When San Franciscans celebrate Sunday Streets in NOPA, the Western Addition, and Japantown on September 19th, they can expect to see the bright image along the blocks through the North Panhandle.

*For design services, contact Gus Hernandez here:

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