Thursday, January 7, 2010

Seen While Biking: "We Don't Do Stencils"

All in one photo: Divisadero makeover, Fell/ARCO hazard spot,
traffic problems on Fell, and the SFgo sign still standing

The "other" DPW paint crew -- "We don't do stencils" to paraphrase a friendly city worker -- was busy re-striping a bit of Fell Street on either side of Divisadero Tuesday afternoon. To the inquiry "Only four stripes?", the DPW painter confided that they were only supposed to do one. Perhaps there was extra paint for the three additions.

Cyclists who've noticed the partly sunken manhole cover in the bikeway while crossing Divis on Fell: this hazard has been reported and inspected by DPW. The construction firm has been advised to repair the defect. We're monitoring it but don't hesitate to report the problem to 311 if much more time passes.


  1. a man hole cover at fell & divis came and went. there is still at 6" diameter hole in the middle of the bike path :-/

    and i doubt those 4 stripes are going to do anything about the bike lane congestion that happens on Fell at the ARCO gas station everyday. this has been blogged about before, but there is no good alternative when cars back up onto Fell when turning left into the ARCO. do i jut in between the cars in line who aren't looking for me? or swing out into traffic on Fell, usually going 30+ MPH? i wish something could be done about this.

  2. =v= Maybe it's time for the other other paint crew (the folks who added stencils and antlers laster year) or even the other other other paint crew (the folks who originally created this bike lane in the middle of the night back in 1999) to break out their stencils?