Wednesday, January 27, 2010

New Bike Racks Sprout in NOPA

All of a sudden new bike racks are appearing on NOPA streets. After three years of the injunction-induced bike parking drought, the ever-humble and practical inverted U's are blossoming like the plum tree outside Mojo Bicycle Cafe. From Fulton near Masonic and along Divisadero, we spotted seven new bike racks. NOPA received two of the first racks installed in the days after a partial lifting of the bike injunction, one at Pacific Primary School and another on Divisadero near Oak. Now with at least nine new racks, there's greater chance to stow your bike outside stores and cafes and homes without blocking sidewalks and without risking losing your wheels altogether.

Know of other new bike racks in NOPA? (The new ones have a city SFMTA message stenciled on the sidewalk to help position the installations). List others here in comments.


  1. The Cafe Abir placement is going to be tight for pedestrians with the outdoor seating that's already there.

  2. yay for bike racks.
    i have noticed the change int he past few weeks, even if the corner of page and divis can never use too many... always at the page :D

  3. In front of John Adams School @ 1800 Hayes St. there is a newly placed bike rack.