Saturday, January 9, 2010

New Bike Racks Along Great Highway

A winter's day

A holiday present with a bow? Found on New Year's Day

Two new stands of bike racks have been installed along the Ocean Beach promenade and the Great Highway. One set of three inverted U racks are positioned near the Balboa Street intersection and the the other similar set across from the Lincoln Street intersection. Prior to these new racks, there were few options for cyclists with no parking meters and with light posts too large at the base for most bike locks.

NOPA cyclists: take a spin with your friends to the beach knowing you can park your bikes (but perhaps with just 12 at a time).


  1. yayyy for new bikes!!
    thanks for sharing this michael, great info :D

  2. Yup, it's great to see bike parking finally showing up at Ocean Beach, we've waited 37 years for these bike racks (!) and you can thank NPS ranger George Durgerian for finally seeing the job through, with help from SFMTA and Mayor Newsom's office. There'll be six sets of three racks (18 in total) when all is done with this project:

    - at the foot of Balboa (stairwell 4)
    - at the foot of Cabrillo (stairwell 9)
    - between Fulton and JFK (stairwell 14)
    - between JFK and Beach Chalet (stairwell 16)
    - near the foot of Lincoln (stairwell 28)
    - at Sloat Boulevard parking area

    We're halfway there, with luck we'll have them all in place for our celebration of fresh pavement on JFK Drive soon!

  3. this is great! it has always been a hassle to find a place to lock your bike when you go to Ocean Beach! with this and the JFK repave, bicycle trips to ocean beach are going to be a breeze.