Monday, January 11, 2010

JFK Drive Repave Finally Underway

This time, really. The resurfacing of JFK Drive from Transverse Drive to the Great Highway has finally begun...perhaps just in time for a winter rain to halt operations for a few days. Monday, Jan. 10, construction crews began grinding off the old asphalt of the "parking" lane along the curb on either side of the road from Transverse to 30th Avenue near Lindley Meadow. According to construction company foremen, the parking lane areas will be scraped today and then the crews will wait out the rain storms expected tomorrow. If the surface dries enough by this Friday, crews will then resurface with new asphalt -- not only the parking lane but the traffic lanes down the middle.

Rather than remove all the asphalt curb to curb, the project will simply pave over the pitted, rough, surface, creating a slight crown effect across the road. The foremen assured us it would hardly be noticeable, and the measure was probably a cost-saving tactic. The construction is expected to be undertaken in four to five segments to reach the final stretch before the Great Highway.

Bicyclists were riding JFK through the construction area today, giving shouts and cheers that the bone-rattling, pothole-filled, dangerous roadway will finally become a thing of the past. For related stories on the JFK resurfacing saga, search "JFK" or "JFK Drive" in the search box to the right.

Start thinking of a blowout celebration and a smooth ride to the beach coming up in several weeks!

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  1. Awesome, I can't wait to ride it when it's done!