Monday, January 18, 2010

JFK Drive: One Smooth Ride to 30th Avenue

From Lindley Meadow/30th Av to Transverse Drive: JFK is smooth!

An MLK Day Run on a Smooth JFK Drive

Just waiting for a group ride

Next repaving to begin after four dry days

Before the rains began last Saturday, construction crews applied new smooth asphalt on JFK Drive from Transverse to 30th Avenue. The first bicyclists to glide and spin on the rejuvenated expanse marvelled at the lack of gyrations, bone-rattles, and artful dodges required.

John Rogers, a local video producer, grabbed a chance to ride JFK to the ocean Sunday. "After decades of doing that bumpy ride, it was mind boggling." Lynne Howe, veteran SFBC Good Roads rider has spray painted and reported her share of potholes on JFK. She braved the rain Saturday, happened to get a flat tire, and still loved wheeling a safer JFK Drive. And first reports of the repaving came from Rick Boardman, one of the organizers of NOPA's new biking group. He can't wait for NOPA riders to include JFK in their first excursion.*

Completing the rest of the resurface will take awhile. Crews need four dry days before they can begin work again and require two days more of clear weather to grind off the old asphalt and follow that with a new layer. The project manager told BIKE NOPA he expected
the full west-end of JFK to be completed in four segments. Let's get some heavy rains for the snow pack and then dry spells for a smooth trip to the ocean.

* Check back this week on BIKE NOPA for details on the NOPA riders group and its first outing on January 31st.

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