Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dads on Wheels Set the Pace: Thanks to You All

Image by Meli of Bikes And The City

A salute to dads who bike with their kids

The men who shared their stories about biking with kids in our Dads on Wheels series are the kind of everyday leaders who help shape San Francisco into a better city. By their example they show friends and neighbors that bicycling is a real transportation option and a great way to spend time with the little ones. The responses of several to the question of what to tell other dads who think about biking with their kids say it all:

Seriously? Just do it (or at least try it). It's easy.
-- J.J. Strahle

If you're just starting, think of cycling as practical and efficient transportation, not sport.
-- Max Poletto

Do it! It's a great way to spend time with your kids and get some exercise to boost.
-- Doug Kadlecek

Try it. Start with a manageable goal.
-- Jason Beers

The sooner you embrace biking in NOPA, the sooner you realize you wish you had started earlier.
-- James Munden

Huge thanks to all the dads who participated in the series both here at BIKE NOPA and at Bikes And The City. (Great collaborating with you again, Meli!)

Check here for the Women Who Bike stories.

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