Saturday, October 30, 2010

Bicyclist Injured in Collision on Masonic Friday Night; Witnesses Reportedly Saw Cyclist Run Red Light

Southbound traffic on Masonic approaching Fulton Street intersection

A male bicyclist was injured Friday in the intersection of Masonic Avenue and Fulton Street. He collided with a motorist driving a Volkswagen Touareg at 7:55 p.m, according to a North Panhandle resident who was at the scene. The cyclist is believed to be in his late twenties, wore a beard, and was riding a fixed-gear bicycle with curved handlebars. Witnesses reportedly saw the cyclist traveling southbound on Masonic run the red light at Fulton and then collide with the Volkswagen traveling eastbound on Fulton. The cyclist was injured and bleeding as a result of the crash but remained conscious. No further information on his condition is known at this time. The motorist and passenger were apparently not injured.

North Panhandle resident Tarik Ansari emailed BIKE NOPA late this afternoon that he was present at the scene of the crash after leaving Lucky grocery store at the intersection Friday night.
I heard a loud bang and saw from the corner of my eye an eastbound car crossing Masonic hit something. Turned out it was a cyclist. Me and my buddy quickly headed to the scene while I dialed 911; we were about 8 or so by-standers (including the car driver and passenger) blocking the intersection making sure incoming cars wouldn't run on the cyclist who was down on the ground bleeding but still conscious. 911 took about 2 minutes to pick up my call.
Ansari said witnesses told him that the cyclist "burned a red light" while going downhill (southbound) on Masonic. He and his friend stayed at the scene until the police arrived and as a fire department vehicle approached.

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