Saturday, October 31, 2009

Seen While Biking: Fewer Street Trees

Sometimes it's a win some, lose some proposition. With the happy prospect of new trees along the Divisadero Corridor, NOPA nevertheless lost five on Fell one block away. Seems sewer replacement work is required on the north side of Fell just west of Broderick, and the towering Ficus made the job too difficult.

Divisadero doesn't have anything over Fell when it comes to skinny sidewalks, and these five trees did appear awfully cramped in the little space allowed them. And now they're gone; only stumps remain as evidence of their once leafy presence.

The city is responsible for trees planted along Fell, and perhaps new street trees will be planted once the below-ground work is completed. Seems awfully empty there now....and perhaps noisier without their buffering effect.

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