Monday, October 19, 2009

How to Move by Bike

Precarious Load by theoelliot.
Flickr photo courtesy of theoelliot

You could pack up your car if you have one, borrow your friend's truck, get a loaner from CityCarShare, or move by bike. Lots of bicyclists ride simply because it's the best, most direct way to get from Point A to Point B, and that holds for the big moves in your life too. Moving your apartment or office stuff with sturdy bike trailers has become the rage in some circles -- and you know what that means, many more of us will take it up sooner or later.

A Portland group of bike-lovers posted hot tips on how to manage a bike move on their blog SHIFT here . Scroll through the many move-by-bike endeavors underway in Portland, including last May's "Theo's Lumberjack Move-by-Bike" -- overalls, flannel shirts, and bears encouraged (but not mandatory) with vegan chili, cornbread, and beer at the destination. OK, maybe not a lumberjack clothing theme in San Francisco; tweed perhaps?

Thanks to Streetsblog San Francisco for alerting locals to SHIFT via Big Green Boulder .

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