Monday, September 13, 2010

Sunday Streets Brings Skating Rink, Kids Bike Rodeo, 'Quake Shake Shack, Con Brio Band, Yoga, Dog Massage, Bike Repair & So Much More to NOPA

We hope the funcycle will return to NOPA: seven on board, get pedaling

Bike NOPA with no traffic, take on the Baker hill and the Golden Gate slalom

Sunday Streets in the Mission; now it's our turn

Sunday Streets is coming to the North Panhandle in a very big way. Neighbors will have one problem: how to indulge in all the fun and good times on the street in just five hours. From the Panhandle to Central, Grove, Baker, and Golden Gate, the route through NOPA will delight and dazzle with activities you won't want to miss, including these:

In the Panhandle between Baker and Central
  • Free bike maintenance by REI
  • Free chair massage by CPMC
  • Kiss FM Radio broadcast
  • A furry round-up of dog treats from Happy Hounds Massage, PAWS, SF Chihuahua Meetup, SPCA, No. California Dog Rescue and more
In NOPA along Central, Grove, and Baker
  • Live Music with Con Brio band at Baker and McAllister
  • Free test rides on PUBLIC bikes at Baker and McAllister
  • Freedom From Training Wheels course by SF Bike Coalition
  • Kids' Bike Safety Rodeo by Presidio YMCA Bike Program (the very popular kids bike course from last year's BIKE THE BLOCK party in NOPA)
  • How to load a bike on the bus demo
  • Music and dancing and DIY art presented by the Wigg Party at Central near Hayes
  • Kids' face painting & bike decorating by St. Cyprian's Episcopal Church
  • Mobile "Command Van One" from Dept. of Emergency Preparedness on Grove
  • Shake shack earthquake simulator (then you'll know why to get ready)
  • Magic and cooking shows at Divisadero Farmers Market
On Golden Gate Avenue
  • Free roller skating rink, with lessons & skates near Baker Street
  • Slumdog Millionaire skate dance (12:30 to 2:30)
  • Thriller skate dance (12:45 to 2:45)
And lots of wide open spaces for strolling, biking, dancing, and people-watching. The streets have never been this open in the North Panhandle. Be sure to be here for all of this. Add your own events: front porch parties, garage sales, lemonade stands.

There's More? NOPA's eleven open blocks are just the east end of the Sunday Streets route. Check BIKE NOPA tomorrow for everything planned to the west for Alamo Square, the Fillmore, and Japantown. (A few teasers: Hawaiian Dance and Lion Dance Troupes, free batting cages, open mural painting, Rock the Bike pedal powered stage and live music).

The full program will be available in Wednesday's San Francisco Examiner and will be posted along the Sunday Streets route.

Final note: with everyone coming to NOPA, post Welcome to the North Panhandle window signs along the route and through the neighborhood. Copies available at the NOPNA meeting this Thursday night or download and print your own.

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