Friday, September 10, 2010

East End, West End: DPW Gets Sunday Streets Route Smooth; SFBC Good Roads Reports The Hazards

Persistent sinkhole filled for now on Grove Street near Lyon

DPW road crews repaired the hazards two days after SFBC filed 311 request

Block of Steiner just south of Geary had a dozen nicely spaced deep gaps

A hard-edged 30 ft long pavement drop previously here along newly-turfed Kimbell Playground

No one wants Sunday Streets walkers and bikers twisting ankles or bike wheels while out having a good time Sunday, September 19th. The SF Bike Coalition's Good Roads volunteers zeroed in on Western Addition blocks that will host thousands of San Franciscans, found the potholes and cracks, "turned 'em in" to 311, and DPW road crews did the rest. Sinkholes filled (for now) on Grove Street in the North Panhandle, a nasty series of deep gashes on Steiner just south of Geary smoothed over, and an odd-but-dangerous drop from one pavement level to another 30 feet along the Kimbell Playground on Steiner no longer a threat to walkers and bikers. Welcome to the Western Addition, Sunday Streets!

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