Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Second Bicyclist in Two Days Injured in Collision; Crash with Taxi Driver at Duboce and Church

A bicyclist was struck and injured this evening in a collision with a taxi driver at Duboce and Church Streets where several rail tracks converge. The injury collision is the second in two days in San Francisco. Last night a motorist struck and injured a male bicyclist on Masonic Avenue at Fell Street; the condition of that cyclist has not yet been revealed by SFPD.

In an odd and upsetting development for the observer, the same cyclist who reported last night's crash to BIKE NOPA also witnessed this evening's incident. "John B" wrote at 9:19 pm:
I was riding home tonight and saw the aftermath of another car vs. bike collision. It wasn't in the nopa (ed.: North Panhandle), but at Duboce and Church where all those train tracks converge. It was a taxi who had hit the bicyclist. EMTs were stabilizing him on one of those straight boards when I showed up. I've been riding my bike in the city now for 5 years and these are the first two accidents i've seen. What is going on around here! Seriously though, hope everyone is OK.
We have contacted SFPD Media Relations for further information.


  1. Last night I encountered another collision involving a cyclist. This was on Haight at Pierce on the Wiggle. The cyclist- a young woman- was being tended to by several other cyclists, a car was stopped and several police cruisers were on site. I stopped briefly to offer help moving bikes out of the intersection (making sure it was OK to move them if they were part of an investigation) and continued on since there were lots of people there helping already. The woman appeared to be in some pain, but I did not observe the extent of her injuries, nor find the cause of the collision. When I got home I read about the incident at Masonic. Too many people being hurt out there.... Please be careful and watch out for others.

  2. Sounds like a wiggle user. These intersections are both on my route to the Avenues, and is common for many Avenue-bound riders.

    The wiggle is unsafe no matter what is done, e.g., signal modifications, road modifications, curb cuts, police surveillance, etc.

    One possible remedy for EVERYBODY is to slow down and obey all traffic laws at all times.

  3. As numbers of riders increase, so do the chances of accidents. Drivers need more education, cyclists need to be more responsible and mature, law enforcement need to be more vigilant and fair in enforcement. To do all that bicycling advocates need to up the pressure on City Hall, make more noise, get in the news more.

  4. As numbers of cyclists increase, so do the chances of collision and conflict. Drivers need more education, cyclists need to be more responsible and mature, Law enforcement needs to be more vigilant and FAIR. To achieve all this, bicycling advocates need to make more noise at City Hall and the media.